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Diverse Range of Services

Based in Duleek, Co. Meath, HB Mini Piling Ltd offer an impressive range of services to meet a number of needs for clients, engineers and contractors. You can rely on our superior level of skills and knowledge to be able to offer the most innovative, economic solutions to suit your particular needs.

We specialise in mini piling; you can read more on this service here.

Piled Underpinning

Various underpinning solutions are possible with HB Mini Piling Ltd, some of which can be installed entirely outside the property, thus minimising the cost and disruption.


Small Housing Developments

HB Mini Piling Ltd can provide piling or mini piling options for use in the development of small housing.


Using mini piling in foundations of single house developments is cost effective when compared to the price of using larger equipment and tools.

Ground Anchoring

Ground anchoring, sometimes known as soil anchoring is used as a restraint mechanism in addition to providing ground stabilisation. We provide this service to many commercial clients and civil engineering companies.

Ductile Cast Iron Piling

We offer this ultra-low vibration system for use in extremely sensitive situations where there is a significant risk that vibration may cause damage to the surrounding property. This relatively new piling system allows piles carrying high loads to be installed with minimal vibration.


For all your piling requirements please get in contact with HB Mini Piling Ltd today.