Ductile Cast Iron Piling

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Ductile Cast Iron Piling

Ductile Cast Iron Piling are one of the most innovative methods of installing a deep foundation. By design, Ductile Cast Iron Piling can solve a range of challenges including construction challenges and geothermal issues. What makes this method of deep foundation construction so ubiquitous, is the ability for Ductile Cast Iron Piling to adapt to the needs of a variety of ground types including soft clay, fill, organics, sand, etc.

HB Mini Piling Ltd’s fleet of mid-sized excavators are perfectly adapted to install Ductile Cast Iron Piling in construction sites all over Meath and the surrounding counties.

From the installation to the safe transport of the pile sections around a building site, HB Mini Piling Ltd is one of Meath’s most experienced Ductile Cast Iron Piling installation companies.

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Why You Should Hire HB Mini Piling Ltd for Your Ductile Cast Iron Piling Installation?


We have been offering this innovative deep foundation installation service for decades. All our team have both experience and expertise when it comes to all aspects of the installation.


Every project we undertake is completed with the highest level of professionalism in mind. From the moment we’re hired to the end of the foundation installation, we maintain the highest standards of professionalism.

Quality Equipment

We are continually updating our equipment to ensure we can offer the latest and most efficient Ductile Cast Iron Piling installations.

For the best in professional Ductile Cast Iron Piling installations, get in contact with HB Mini Piling Ltd today.

Ductile Cast Iron Piling FAQ

  • How are Ductile Cast Iron Pilings installed?

    Ductile Cast Iron Piling are installed in the ground using a hydraulic hammer that drives the piling deep into the earth. Once the first piling is inserted another is placed on top and the hydraulic hammer drives this down. The process is repeated until the pile reaches the determined driving criteria.

  • Why is the Ductile Cast Iron Piling process used for deep foundation?

    Ductile Cast Iron Piling are manufactured using a unique centrifugal casting process. This process produces a piling that has shown to be more resistant to high-frequency impacts and the stresses created during hammer driving. Therefore this system is considered one of the best for installing deep foundations.